Digitally Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives completely. Take something as essential as our experiences of space: our mobility has become severely restricted – reduced to jogs or walks a few kilometres around our homes. Perhaps less obviously, the lockdown has also affected our experiences of time. Living life in confined spaces for uncertain time. Life is changed upside down, nothing remains the same. Nobody was prepared for this Pandemic situation. With life and businesses stuck in lockdown, things has to change with it's time. We will have to get rid of traditional methods and thoughts to keep life on the track. With whole world stuck at home, our smartphones and internet is the passport to get out of our homes. Internet does it all, from connecting to people to businesses. We sitting idle at home can only think about, How will the situation change, how the economy will revert back, for how long the changed situations and the changing consumer behaviour will prevail, etc. It is really difficult for anyone to answer these kinds of questions at the moment. The reality is no one can help us in this Pandemic, it is us who can help ourselves. We have to break through traditional lifestyle and choose digitally. With the changed ways of doing things and social distancing norms, consumers shopping habits have changed too. Shopping from physical stores is seeing a decline and is mostly limited to essentials. This behaviour will continue in the post-covid world as well. Brands are already making efforts to create alternate shopping channels and platforms. These alternate channels will stay for longer and will help brands stabilise their business. Marketers will explore online platforms, shopping options on social channels and shoppable posts wherever possible. Adding to this, catering to the convenience aspect of consumers and following personalised yet responsible approach will help the brands significantly. Social media have become an integral part for businesses to leverage upon. Its cost effective at the same time can help in reaching the right people. This is not the time to sit and wait for Pandemic to get over, as times are very uncertain and uncalled for. True winners will be those who understand digital platforms really well and are able to put together a holistic strategy that is suitable for brands as well as consumers. We can't skip the reality, however we can change for sure. It's time to be the change, time to be digital, time to lead your business digitally.

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